Association Healthcare Solutions

Quality health insurance at a fair price can change an employee’s life. That’s why GOA is proud to introduce Association Healthcare Solutions for our members. We are stronger, together. The power of our numbers allows us to offer affordable medical, dental, and vision group insurance plans usually available only to large groups.

Affordable, quality healthcare options exclusively for Georgia Optometric Association members.

  • Medical, dental and vision plans from Humana®
  • Available to groups of 2+ enrolled employees; special savings for groups of 5+ enrolled employees
  • Supplemental benefits such as group disability, accident, hospital and life insurance from SunLife®.
  • Customized plan offerings and cost sharing that work for your practice.
  • HR Technology and support that make benefits administration less time-consuming.
  • Includes a robust wellness program that rewards members for making healthy decisions.

Real People. Real Savings.

I’m getting medical, dental, and vision coverage for my entire family for less than I used to pay for medical alone…AND I have a better plan.

- Pam M.

No matter the size of your business, the savings are real (and so are these examples).


Maximum Savings
% Savings

Member 1

Size:60 employees
Maximum Savings:$63K
% Savings:23%

Member 2

Size:35 employees
Maximum Savings:$21K
% Savings:8%

Member 3

Size:13 employees
Maximum Savings:$35K
% Savings:34%

Quality health insurance at a fair price can change an employee’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you are not a member of the GOA, be sure to join! GOA Association Healthcare Solutions are available to members only.
  • Member completes the form.
  • A Benefits Center representative, powered by Decisely Insurance Services, receives your information and will contact you to get started.
  • Within days, you will receive the Association Healthcare Solutions insurance programs and rates for medical, dental, vision and other coverages
  • You can choose what works best for you and your staff!
  • Once you make some key decisions regarding coverage, we can get you and your staff enrolled.

This program is available to GOA members in good standing with practices of two or more staff members .

First date of coverage is May 1, 2020 - with monthly enrollment and coverage dates available each month.

Yes! Our Association Healthcare Solutions cover pre-existing conditions for any health benefit as prescribed within the Affordable Care Act’s “essential health benefits”.

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The Georgia Optometric Association and outside vendors have worked to provide an independent source of benefits, retirement, health insurance, and HR services for the benefit of its members. Benefits, HR, retirement and health insurance decisions, and sourcing are the responsibility of the GOA member practices. A practice’s decision to use these benefits or services is solely its decision. Neither the Georgia Optometric Association, its subsidiaries, nor any outside vendors are fiduciaries with respect to such decision.