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The GOA Benefits Center provides GOA members with savings on group major medical, dental, and vision coverage. We have harnessed the power of the GOA membership to provide access to great prices on benefits for you, your staff, and your dependents. Ready to learn more? Talk with a licensed professional:
Self-employed optometrists? There’s a NEW option for you! GOA One Health Benefits has the health plans to reduce your health care costs – which translates into budget certainty and greater peace of mind. Take the time to see if a GOA One Health Benefits plan is right for you! Ready to learn more? See if you qualify:

Alpharetta-based Insurtech Decisely administers the GOA Benefits Center, which offers association health care solutions for practices with five or more enrolled staff from major providers such as Aetna and Cigna. Decisely also offers GOA One Health Benefits, which is a unique solution that has the potential to reduce health care costs for self-employed optometrists and their dependents. These solutions are exclusive GOA member benefits.

Finding quality, affordable health insurance is more important now – more than it’s ever been!

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The Georgia Optometric Association and outside vendors have worked to provide an independent source of benefits, retirement, health insurance, and HR services for the benefit of its members. Benefits, HR, retirement and health insurance decisions, and sourcing are the responsibility of the GOA member practices. A practice’s decision to use these benefits or services is solely its decision. Neither the Georgia Optometric Association, its subsidiaries, nor any outside vendors are fiduciaries with respect to such decision.